Arthur Debert (Ribeiro)


Hey there.

I’m Arthur Debert. I was born in crazy São Paulo, and have lived here for most of my life. I’m a technologist - a fancy word for someone who expresses himself through technology - meaning I work as a computer programmer. I’m also Theo’s dad. I’m currently doing the startup thing in São Paulo at loggi as a co-founder and CTO.

If you want to reach me, email is always best. If we are acquainted, you know, in real life, maybe my Facebook is what you’re looking for (oh, the irony). I’m also on twitter .

Who cares

A (very) long time ago I studied Economics. Wan’t for me though, so I dropped out. I loved watching movies, figured I’d love making them. Was right, sort of. Loved going to film school. Fun. Interesting. Worked on feature films. Then someone show me this thing, the internet. Felt in love with it, immediately, hard. Hasn’t warned out, 12 years, going strong still.

At first I worked as a one man show doing everything in a garage web studio: design, sound, 3d, programming. At some point, I realized that a world in which I stop doing design would be a better one, and I did. Programming got more and more interesting to me, and I’ve been doing it for a couple of years.

From 2006 to 2010 I’ve worked as a dev and CTO for Gringo, an online agency that did tons of crazy things. Got sold, I left, advertising wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to work on products.

Then from 2011 to 2013 worked for the fine folks from PCF on Amara , a tool to subtitle and translate video on the web. Pretty cool stuff. For the greater good. Open source too. Incredible team.

June 2013 things lined up, and I co-founded loggi, an urban logistics startup in my home town, São Paulo. It’s been mad. And great. Of course, none of the stuff here has anything to do with it, no endorsement iada iada dah.

Wish me luck!


If knowing how this sausage got made turns you on, here you go:

The title image is a picture that I took at Avenida Paulista.