3,2,1 - Launch!

I’ve been holding back having a blog for a long time. I just felt that I didn’t have much to add. As time passed by, I felt it was very hard to find some information on the web, specially regarding flash development, which has been my bread and butter for a while. Informative Actionscript posts are few and far and between. Also after becoming a regular at other people’s blog for quite a while, I though it would be fun to be able to look back a few years and see what I was thinking , struggling or enjoying.

After deciding to start a blog, I did what any self respected hacker would do: create your own blogging engine (hint: irony). It was a chance to hack a little with django, which is always a pleasure. I’ve used some django apps, notably James Bennet’s coltrane and django-tagging. I kind of hated interface and wanted to have something simpler.

After hacking the backend and doing a half-assed job with the layout, it was time to find hosting. After a long journey through various hosts, I landed at SliceHost which has been a great learning experience. Having to run a server turned out to be less intimidating than it looked like and a lot more fun as well. Now not having root access to a server feels very restricting.

I grabbed some notes taken in the last few months and posted them as a morale-bosting push. I hope to write a few useful bits on actionscript, user interfaces, web-development and python.

3…2…1 ready, go!