RSS Woes

A quick apology.

Earlier today, I’ve updated this site’s RSS feeds code. In some readers, this will result in a flood of “new” entries which are not new at all, they’ll look like duplicates. I am sorry about that (for all of you 3 feed subscribers), but I had to fix some RSS issues.

For the technically inclined this is what happened:

  • Some time ago, I updated the site’s code to deal with unicode, after the unicode merge.
  • I did not update Django to post unicode merge, so all entries came out with generic titles such as “Entry object” instead of an entry’s actual title.
  • When I noticed this, I found out that I’d have to update to third party code as well, such as the excellent django-taggging.
  • I’ve way busy doing this, until this week when we launched, and I finally had enough time to update Django + my own codebase.
  • Since nothing in life is always that simple, I also had to port for the autoscaping changeset.

Thanks for the feed subscriber, Gabriel Late for noticing (and reporting) this.

Now back to some self punishment for reinventing the wheel and doing my own CMS software instead of reaching for a perfectly fine one.