Aktuell PSVA

Aktuell is a marketing company focused on events and unconventional campaigns.

For their website, Gringo created a blog of sorts, an immersive environment where users could find out what Aktuell is thinking.

Following the brain metaphor, Aktuell’s blog presents us with a flow of high voltage neurons. I was responsible for the blog: the neurons floating in space, archive, post details and comments view.

This was my first AS3 project. The gap between AS2 and AS3 is pretty big, it’s almost learning a new platform. Speed bumps aside, AS3 opens up a whole new set of possibilities, and I hope AS2 projects will be rare from now on.

The blog allows them to publish a few content types: regular posts, podcasts and videos. To reduce the impact of using flash, i developed a permalink system, so users are able to do deep linking directly to posts. I’m pretty fond of the Archive view. A well though of interface provides a dynamic, quick look into the entries in time. Time navigation interfaces are usually very much alike, it’s hard to come across a fresh idea.

Soon I’ll write more throughly about my pains (and pleasures) with the AS2 -> AS3 transition.