Andrade Morettin

Actionscript for Brazilian architect office Andrade Morettin. With a bold and clean modernist look, AM has an extensive project catalog. From residential house to large public buildings their portfolio is interesting and versatile, the website had to match.

A five black cats project, with design and concept by Lucia Dossin, this was the second of our collaboration work. Lucia’s solution included an elegant still creative visual grid and a surprising interface, where a plain list view morphs into a full blown detailed view very smoothly. I’ve always enjoyed this kind of subtly: making things transform into others, without taking something off view and putting a new view in it’s place. This is one of the areas where flash interfaces shine. Technically, because of the odd ways as2 handled objects on the stage, it’s much harder than it seems. Clip structure and design have to balance in a very symbiotic manner. The navigation between each project and the next one is simple and elegant.