Gondry's Dream

Dream On!

I am a big fan of director Michael Gondry. Not only his tv spots, youtube kubrik_cube-videos and video clips are great, but he also directed a film I love: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

So I was very excited when I found out that we were doing a “behind-the-scenes” for his latest Motorola Razr2 spot. The site is a collection of memorabilia related to the spot: the spot itself, a interview with Gondry, a behind the scenes video, still pictures, wallpapers and his sketches for the script.

The website presents a box of Gondry’s dream: once open bits and pieces orbit the screen from where they can be viewed. The briefing was a perfect fit for an adaptation of Papervision’s paper cloud. Coded in Actionscript 3, using Papervision 3D and Tweener made my life so much easier (and fun). I was responsible for the welcome box and the flying paper scene.

The final result is a dream-like experience that invites the user to navigate through Gondry’s vision.

The website packs quite a few goodies, including many download formats for the spot, interview and behind the scenes, as well as a blogger friendly embedable tag (below). Enjoy!