This is a portfolio site for video artist Luiz Duva. Duva has quite a few works, about 25 of so. He wanted his portfolio to show a complete set of information for each piece: videos, photos and general info.

The challenge for this piece was to communicate Duva’s personal, from-the-gut style, while still presenting an organized window into his work. The final solution was to have him sketch words and symbols into a piece of paper, scan them and adapt them to the website. The final result is pleasing: a strong, and personal language.

The site is mostly a series of timelines with his work, divided by categories (vjing, fiction and so on). This is the first piece I did that included videos embedded into flash. How hard can that be? Pretty hard.

Turns out that streaming video from an http server in actionscript is a complete mess. The api is crazy, inconsistent, just plain ugly. It took me a while to get the hang of it. To my total surprise, four years later, a complete new VM and streaming http video in flash is still horrible.

Some time later, after watching a normal human being struggle to hand edit huge xml files, I coded a backend for him to update his own site with no intervention. The back-end was coded with django, which was, as usual a real pleasure.